• Synthetic Classic Portal


Our team shares a Synthetic Classic Portal username. Sometimes we get the following message:

For security reason, your password must be changed. Please click to reset your password.

Why do we get this message?


The likeliest reasons for this message are:

  • Your password does not meet the security requirements:
    • The password must be different from the username.
    • The password must be a minimum of 8 characters, including at least 1 letter (A–Z, a–z), 1 number (0–9), and 1 special character ( - . / : _ @ % ).
    • You cannot use four or more consecutive identical letters or numbers (e.g. eeee or 4444).
  • Your team members have logged in too many times within a short time period. You need to change the password because the Synthetic Classic system interprets rapid multiple logins as a possible security breach.