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Retry on Error is available for Transaction Failure alerts for Backbone tests.

When Retry on Error is enabled, if a test fails because of certain network or Internet conditions, the test is automatically re-run. 

  • If the follow-up test run is successful, the failed run is discarded: it will not trigger an alert or be included in availability or performance averages.
  • If the follow-up test run fails, the failure is reported. A Transaction Failure alert is triggered if the threshold is reached.

Best practice is to enable Retry on Error for all Transaction Failure alerts. Running a failed test again does not use additional measurements, and the overhead is insignificant. Double-checking that a failure was caused by a persistent issue, not by a random event, improves system-wide SLAs by reducing the number of "false positive" test failures.

When using Retry on Error with single-URL tests, there is no charge for the initial failed test. For multi-step tests, there is no charge for the first page of the test, but you will be charged for additional steps in the failed test. For example, you have a 5-step test that fails on Step 3. During the retry, all 5 steps run successfully. You will be charged for (3-1)+5=7 steps.

Retry on Error is disabled by default. To enable Retry on Error:

  1. Open the test for editing. For details, see the help page Editing tests.
    You can edit multiple tests to enable the setting for all of the tests at once.
  2. Select the Test Level Alerts tab.
  3. Select Transaction Failure Alerts
  4. Select On for the Retry on Error setting. 

For more information about configuring Backbone alerts, see Backbone alert settings.

For general alerting guidelines, see Getting started with alerting.