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Alerts enable you to monitor performance by sending notifications when response times or other criteria exceed performance thresholds that you define.

Specifically, alerts can be triggered when the performance of a certain number of nodes, or the average performance of all nodes, exceed the threshold.

To receive notification when the average performance of the test's nodes are unacceptable, configure a Response Time alert with a dynamic threshold. With a dynamic threshold, the Dynatrace Portal calculates the test status by comparing the recent response time average to the average response time over a longer period of time.

To configure a Response Time alert with a dynamic threshold:

  1. In the Dynatrace Portal, select Tests in the Manage section of the navigation menu.
  2. If necessary, use the page filters to find the test.
  3. Expand  the test, then click Edit test below the test details to open it into the Edit a TestType Test page.
  4. Select the Test Level Alerts tab. For Backbone tests, you can also configure Step Level Alerts.
  5. Select Dynamic thresholds and configure the threshold details.
  6. Configure the other alert details as needed.
  7. When you have configured all the necessary details, click Update and Finish.

For more information about configuring alerts, see Alerts in the documentation.



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