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  • I need to create a new Benchmarks report, or edit an existing Benchmark report.

The Benchmark report allows you to compare one of your tests to one of the Dynatrace industry benchmarks for a selected time period, from the previous day through the previous month. Data for the selected test is presented in the context of the industry benchmarks for easy identification of relative performance standings.

Any user with the appropriate user profile can create a report. See Profiles in the documentation.

To configure a new Benchmark report:

  1. In the Dynatrace Portal, select Report > Create Report.
  2. On the Create a Report page, select Benchmark Report, then click Continue.
  3. On the Define Your Report page, configure your report:
    • Report Name – Give the report a meaningful name, e.g. identify the test and the benchmarks the report will contain.
    • Reporting Time Frame – Select the time frame from the list
    • Select a Benchmark – Select a benchmark for the region and industry of interest.
    • Select a Benchmark Test – The list of available benchmark tests is filtered by the selected benchmark.
    • Select a Test – Click the button to open the window to search for tests. Select the desired test and click Select Tests to close the window and enter the test in the Test Name field.
    When you have provided all the configuration details, click Continue.
  4. Configure the schedule and delivery:
    • Format – The report can be PDF Format or Excel Format.
    • Schedule – To deliver the report only once, select Now. Otherwise, select the schedule: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
    • Subject line – By default, the subject line is the report template name. You can change the subject line if needed.
    • Email recipients – Type the email address(es) in the field. Use semicolons to separate multiple addresses. The addressee does not have to have a Dynatrace Portal account.
    Click Continue.
  5. Review the Confirm Your Report Definition page to make sure all details are correct, then click Done.
    The report is delivered according to the schedule; if you specified Now, the reports should be received within minutes.





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