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These situations may occur with saved charts:

  • You need to add employees to specific saved chart access without having to create new charts.
  • You need to be removed from the distribution list for a chart.
  • You need access to a saved chart that you don't see under your user account.



A saved chart saves time. You can display the chart at any time without having to re-enter the chart's parameters.

In the Dynatrace Portal, you can:

  • Share your saved charts with other users in your account.
  • Email the saved chart to a distribution list on a scheduled basis.

Charts created by other users will not automatically appear in your saved charts list. The creator of the chart must choose to share it with you before you can access it.

To view the list of saved charts that are available to you, select Monitor & Analyze > Charts > Interactive Charts

Depending on your user profile, you can share any saved chart that is available to you in the View and Manage Charts table. For information about sharing charts with other users, see Sharing Charts in the documentation.

Also depending on your user profile, you can create a report to email a saved chart on a regular schedule to the designated recipients. The recipients do not need to have Dynatrace Portal user accounts. For details, see Saved Chart in Reports, in the documentation.If you have access to the report, you can edit the report to add or remove recipients.

If you are aware of a saved chart but don't see it in the View and Manage Charts table, you'll need to ask the chart's creator to share it with you.

For information about saving charts, see the Knowledge Base article How to save a Chart, and Managing Interactive Charts  in the documentation.





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