Sometimes when you play back a script in Internet Explorer on the Desktop Recorder, the playback will stop and hang on a web page that says simply: "This is boot me page."


Usually, this problem can be corrected by closing the playback window and clicking the Stop button on the Desktop Recorder window. Then, the next playback should work as expected. But, sometimes this behavior can be more persistent and will continue after closing and stopping a hung playback.

When the problem persists, it can be corrected by clearing Internet Explorer's cache and cookies.

This can be accomplished with the following steps:

  1. Close the Desktop Recorder program.
  2. Open the local copy of Internet Explorer 11
  3. Under settings, go to Internet Options
  4. Under Browsing History, click the Delete... button
  5. Confirm that Cookies and website data is checked and click the Delete button.
  6. Click OK on the Internet Options window.
  7. Close Internet Explorer.