• Dynatrace Portal
  • Screen Capture on Error (SCoE)
  • Defined content match enabled
  • Scripting
  • Dynatrace Recorder

  • Error : (30500) - Content Match Test Failed
  • Browser Agent does not find Content Match text in page source code
  • Content Match Alert Triggered

  • Verify that the Content Match text exactly matches the text in the page's source code
  • Check the content match in the Validate action for:
    • Spelling
    • Spacing
    • Case (content matches are case sensitive)
  • Check logs for site changes, in case the target of the content match was changed.
  • Check to see if the test script is navigating to the correct page.
  • Enable Screen Capture on Error (SCoE) for the test, and check the screenshot(s) when errors are returned.






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