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I just configured an alert and tried to send a sample. I have not received the sample alert nor do I see it in the alert log. What went wrong?


Once you have set up Alerting for a Backbone test in the Dynatrace Portal, you can send sample alerts to see what the alert looks like, before an issue occurs.

The Dynatrace Portal sends sample alerts to the destinations configured for all the alert levels and destinations configured for the test. 

If a sample alert was sent out, it is listed in the Alert Log. To review the Alert Log, select Monitor & Analyze > Alert Log in the Dynatrace Portal menu. If you don't see the sample alert, then check these common reasons for this problem:

  • No destination is configured for the alert.

  • Alerts are disabled for the account or for the test type.

  • The test is in inactive status. Sample alerts feature can only be sent from a test that is in active status.

To review the alert destinations for a test:

  1. Open the test into the Edit a TestType Test page (see Editing Tests in the documentation),
  2. Select the Test Level Alerts or Step Level Alerts tab, depending on the alert.
  3. If necessary, select the alert type. Response Time Alert details are displayed by default.
    The configured Notifications are listed at the bottom of the configuration details. 

To make sure an alert destination is configured correctly:

  1. Select Setup Tests > Alerts, then select the Alert Destinations tab.
  2. Select the alert destination in the table, then in the Action column select Action > Edit.
  3. In the Edit an Alert Destination window, make sure the recipients are correct and the selected format is compatible with the alert destination.
  4. Click Update to save any corrections, or Cancel.

To enable Alerts:

  1. Select Setup Tests > Alerts.

  2. In the Alerts page, click Edit account-wide alerts.

  3. In the Alert Preferences popup window, select Enable Alerts, then click Update.

If the alert destinations are correctly configured and alerts are enabled, and you are still not receiving the sample alert, contact Support for assistance.

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