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When script playback in the Dynatrace Recorder fails because the page is not fully loaded:

  1. Review the screen shot for the failed step to see what is missing. Where the error occurs, the DOM tree is not completely built up, resulting in an incomplete screen. For example, if the page is made up of a multitude of frames, you may notice that the contents of a certain frame are missing, leaving that part of the page blank. 
  2. Review the HTTP headers for the failed step to identify missing objects.
  3. Search for known content in the unaltered source code, to determine where no results were returned.

When you have identified the missing content, add a Wait for Validation after Wait for Page Complete in the step where the script fails. For details, see Editing Script Actions and Wait Script Action in the documentation.

To determine what page content you should validate, you can copy the Target Window of the first Click action in the next step as well as the Locator. Use the text contents in the locator in the Match Text field of the Wait for Validation. Because the actions of the next step depend on the page source of the current step, you can use the element from the next step to validate that the current page is fully loaded.





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