• Dynatrace Portal

When I attempt to log into the Dynatrace Portal (, I get an access error.


The most common reason for being locked out of the Portal is too many failed login attempts. You will be locked out of the Portal after 5 failed attempts at logging in, or if there have been 48 successful logins within four hours. If you have been locked out, ask your Account Administrator to send a password reset message for your user account. The message is sent to the email address for your account.

The following guidelines are enforced for passwords:

  • Passwords must have a minimum of eight characters with at least one letter, one number, and one special character.
    Valid special characters are:
    • Dash ( - )

    • Period ( . )

    • Forward slash ( / )

    • Underscore ( _ )

    • Colon ( : )

    • Percent ( % )

    • At ( @ )

  • The password must be different than your username.
  • The password cannot have more than 3 consecutive identical characters (e.g. not aaaa or 4444).
  • A new password cannot be identical to your previous password.

For more information about resetting your password, see My Profile Page in the documentation.



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