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When you download the Dynatrace Recorder installer from the Dynatrace Portal, you receive a pop-up warning from anti-virus software reporting that the .exe file is an unsafe download and/or a virus was detected.

An example of this warning:

WARNING: ProxyAV has detected a virus/PUS in this file!

File has been dropped.

ProxyAV Administrator: [XXXXXXXXX]

2011-05-25 15:19:12+01:00BST
Hardware serial number: 4206080249
ProxyAV (Version -
Antivirus Vendor: Kaspersky Labs
Scan Engine Version:
Pattern File Version: 110525.111700.5424873 (Timestamp: 2011.05.25 11:17:00)

Machine name: MHProxyAV
Machine IP address:
Protocol: ICAP

Virus/PUS: "PUS:NetTool.Win32.ProxySwitcher.d" found!


We have received a few intermittent reports that segments of the Dynatrace Recorder code are being identified as a virus by certain anti-virus software programs. This warning is a false positive, caused by an over-reactive security environment.

If the software cannot be downloaded through your corporate firewall, you may need to download the file to a machine that is outside your corporate firewall, and copy it to external media such as a thumb drive from which you can transfer the installer to your work machine.

You may also ask your IS department to open a case with your specific anti-virus software provider.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Root Cause

  • Per our developers, this warning most likely occurs because the Dynatrace Recorder code includes standard Selenium project code for proxy recording, which in the past was also included in an unrelated virus. Since this code is now identified as part of a computer virus, it causes the Recorder installer to flagged by some anti-virus software.



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