•  Hardware Private Agent (Private Backbone)



 A software-based Private Agent is now available. The Software Private Agent can be downloaded through the Synthetic Classic Portal for installation in locations you choose, and is scalable up to thousands of tests per hour. For details, see Getting started with Software Private Agent in the documentation.


A Private Agent is a hardware solution that allows a company to test their web applications inside their firewall (via HTTP/S), and combine these results with similar Backbone tests conducted from outside the firewall. The data is stored in a single database, which can be exported via various data feeds, and can be viewed via the Synthetic Classic Portal with the data from other tests. 

The Private Agent server can be installed inside the firewall, and requires a streaming port to be open so that that data can be aggregated. Private Agent tests are configured in the Synthetic Classic Portal, and can be viewed alongside Backbone performance measurements. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Private Agent, contact your account manager.



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