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According to a wide variety of Internet companies, the current state of dial-up users depends on the company and its target market. Broadband usage has exploded and continues to grow among users with the financial and infrastructural means to make the leap. However, many consumers still depend on dial-up connections, because of cost or lack of access to broadband infrastructure. We still have customers who have a high percentage of customers base dial-up connections, and they will remain that way for a long time to come.

Should you still care about monitoring and optimizing website performance for dial-up customers? Based on the market trends that we see, the answer is yes. The only exception to this would be if your application is broadband-specific (e.g. if your application streams television programs over the Internet).

To optimize an application for dial-up users, it is vital that you measure your performance from dial-up locations. As a Last Mile customer, you have access to application monitoring from actual dial-up (Legacy/Saturated G0) user desktops, and you can get insight into your application's performance from the dial-up perspective. Using that detailed insight you can then tune the application to perform optimally for all end users. Dial-up users are in a sense the least common denominator for performance, so if dial-up users are an important user segment for your application then it is critical to optimize the performance of your site for those users.


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