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In the Synthetic Classic Portal, you can run on-demand Instant Tests that show the response time, broken down by each component, for all objects of the selected URL or transaction.

The results of an instant test last for only two hours. Since these results are not stored in the Synthetic Classic database, they do not count towards XF contracts and are not available for charting.

If an instant test result appears in bright red and only displays Failed with no additional details, the test result is not "failed" — the test failed to run. You can either delete the test or run it again. If the test runs but the test results in a failure, the box remains green and displays "Failed" instead of the response time.

You can typically retry a failed test after waiting for a few minutes. However, if you encounter failure on a single node for all tests over a period of time, check the Support page in the Portal to find out whether the node is inactive. If the node is functioning, please contact Support, because the failure may indicate an issue with the instant test functionality on that node.



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