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Alerts and reports are an easy way to keep you aware of the status of your transactions. Alert notification and report emails are queued up and sent by a Dynatrace mail server.

If you are not receiving reports or notifications as expected, it is possible that your email system's Spam filter is blocking Dynatrace emails.

In the past, Synthetic Classic mail servers have been blacklisted by various Spam filters or firewall ACLs. This blacklisting may be the cause of this issue. If possible, try setting up exceptions within your Spam filters or firewall ACLs to allow all Dynatrace mail traffic through.

The IP Addresses of our mail servers are:


Report emails come from

Alert emails come from

Permit these ports and email addresses / domains when configuring your mail preferences.

When you set up an Alert Destination, note that there is a 250-character limit for the Alert Destination field; if you have a large number of email recipients defined in your Alert Destination and are not receiving emails (but you see that Alerts are being reported as sent in the Alert Log), consider either decreasing the number of email addresses associated with the destination or creating an internal mailing list that includes all necessary recipients.

If this solution does not resolve the issue, please contact Support.



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