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A test can be configured to send an alert when it exceeds a predetermined response time, or failure threshold, or does not meet conditional criteria.

If alerts are configured but are not being received when test errors occur, there are several steps you can take to make sure that everything is configured properly.

  1. Check the Alerts Log, which displays a list of all alerts that were triggered. If a threshold was exceeded, it will be marked in the Log with the time the alert occurred, and what the issue was. For details, see Alert logs.
  2. If the alert has been logged, skip to step 3. If the alert has not been logged, check to see if alerts are enabled. 
    • Account-wide alerting must be enabled. In the Alert Configuration tab of the Alerts page, click Edit Account-Wide Alerts and make sure Enable Alerts is selected.
    • Alerting for each test type must be enabled for your account, in the Account Settings tab of the Account Details page. See Account settings in the documentation.
  3. Verify that the alert configuration is correct, particularly the notifications. Go to the Edit a TestType Test page for the test and select the Test Level Alerts tab to review the settings.
    Backbone tests can also have Step Level Alerts.
    For details, see Editing tests and the alert settings page for the test type, in the documentation.
  4. Verify that the alert destinations are configured correctly. See Alert destinations.

If an alert was not logged, verify that the response thresholds, alert activations and node thresholds are properly configured. If the test setup is correct, check to make sure that the test met the criteria for an alert notification. Did the test exceed the response time threshold or experience a failure and, if so, did it occur on enough nodes to meet the node threshold for that type of error?

If these troubleshooting steps do not explain or resolve the issue, contact Support for further investigation.






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