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I selected the node quick pick group under Multi-Edit Node Configuration, but when I went back to Add/Edit Backbone Tests > Nodes, those nodes were not selected.


Once the Quick Pick nodes take effect, they will be displayed under Add/Edit Backbone Tests. If you don't see the nodes after you selected the Quick Pick, generally there are two reasons:

1. Under Multi-Edit Node Configuration, after you click Locate for the Quick Pick group, two further steps need to be taken. If not, the quick pick group is not selected thus not displaying under Add/Edit Backbone Tests.

The two further steps are:
i. Click the right arrow to move the highlighted nodes from left to right.
ii. Click Submit.

2. If the above steps are taken and still those nodes are not displayed, check whether the target nodes have the agent type the test needs.
A Backbone test can run on two agent types: FF and IE.

To check which nodes have which agents, go to Admin > View Node Manager.