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I don't understand the differences between the reported data and the bars displayed in the Chart by Page Time charts. How are these times calculated?


A Page by time chart displays response time for every sequence.

In the example below, there is confusion because the yellow line in the chart is always above two seconds, not close to the 1.783 seconds listed in the data summary.

  • Blue line. Step 0: 1.112 seconds
  • Yellow line. Step 1: 1.783 seconds

Each yellow line above includes the response time for both step 1 and step 0 in the sequence.

To extend this example, if the chart contained a green line for step three, the green line would display the response time of step 0 + step 1 + step 2.

To see the total response time for every sequence along with the total response time, use the Transactions: Average waterfall chart