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  • Certain object could not be filtered out.
  • When using Exclude all URLs not matching filter option, the URL is entered but data the object is not monitored.

  1. Make sure the criteria are set up properly. Choose the proper condition: Contains, Ends with, or Starts with.
  2. If the object is redirected from another object, filter the original object as well.
    For example, if object A is redirected from a 301 or 302 object B, the original object B should also be included in the filter list.
  3. When using the Exclude all URLs not matching the above filters option, check if the URL is generated from another object. If it is, add the URL of the original object to the filter list as well.
    For example, if the object os.Plugin.Core.1.0.0.min.js is generated from overstock.1.5.6.min.js, to collect data for  os.Plugin.Core.1.0.0.min.js and exclude all others, you need to include overstock.1.5.6.min.js in the filter.



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