• Dynatrace Portal
  • Transaction Failure Alert

The Transaction Failure Alert displays the failure details:

  • Site: Node Name
  • IP Address: Node IP Address
  • Error Description: Failure error name
  • Page #: starting from page 0
  • Page Name: Page Name if customized or Page URL if not customized



I received a Transaction Failure Alert in which the Page Name is the old page URL, which has been decommissioned for a long time or isn't included in the test at all.


In this case, the script for a transaction test was edited, but in the step names, only the initial Navigation URL was updated. The step name needs to be edited to change it from the old URL to either the current URL or a descriptive name.

You can update the step name by editing the test in the Dynatrace Portal.

  1. Go to Setup Tests > Tests.
  2. Click the test name in the table, or use the search field to find and select the test.
    The test details are displayed in the Edit a TestType Test page.
  3. Select the Advanced Settings tab.
  4. In the Transaction Steps, type the new name for the step you need to rename.
  5. Click Update and Finish to save the change.
Root Cause

When the script is recorded through the Dynatrace Recorder, the test's page URL may be recorded in two places:

  • The Navigation URL, which is in the Navigate Action in the Recorder and is the actual URL the test accesses.
  • The Page URL, which you can see by selecting the Step in the timeline in the Recorder. This URL is displayed in the Dynatrace Portal as the Page Name if a name is not otherwise specified for the step in the script.

We recommend that you give each step a meaningful name instead of using the page URL. If you prefer to use the page URL as the step name, remember to updating the URL in the step name if the target page changes when the script is updated.



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