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Synthetic Classic test data can be accessed through either the Synthetic Classic Portal or through a Data Feed (XML, FTP, or Web Services). Every data point collected by the Synthetic Classic is marked with a time stamp, called the test time. This test time is captured using the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) time zone.

The difference between the two interfaces — Synthetic Classic Portal and Data Feed  occurs because the Synthetic Classic Portal allows you to select a local time zone. All data viewed within the Synthetic Classic Portal is adjusted to display the test time in the selected time zone. This includes data viewed in charts, reports, and alerts.

The Data Feed uses the GMT time zone by default. If the time zone selected in the Synthetic Classic Portal is not GMT, the test time will be different in the two interfaces. If you do not want to see any differences between the two interfaces, an Account Primary user will need to adjust your time zone within the Synthetic Classic Portal to use GMT.

For information about selecting the time zone in the Synthetic Classic Portal, see Account settings in the documentation.

Note: If you are in a location that has Daylight Savings Time (DST), please note that GMT does not shift, so your offset may change by one hour during daylight savings.





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