• Synthetic Classic Portal
  • Screen Capture on Error (SCoE)





When Screen Capture on Error (SCoE) is enabled for a test, the Agent records a screen shot, the source code, and the HTTP headers for each step of the test that fails. You can access this information to visually analyze and determine the cause of the errors.

The SCoE screen captures provide a visual representation of the objects the agent downloaded during the transaction. The screenshots are stored locally in the Synthetic Classic database. When the page is re-referenced in the Synthetic Classic Portal, the Portal uses the stored objects to provide a view of the page at the time the test was executed.

The SCoE screenshot may not exactly match what the web browser displays. If an object on a page is generated multiple times, the multiple instances do not appear in the SCoE image. Also, the re-referencing of the page does not include JavaScript parsing.






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