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If you change your Enterprise Synthetic monitoring scripts or wish to clear inaccurate data from the CAS reports, you can clear the Enterprise Synthetic entries from the CAS database. You can clear the historical data for Enterprise Synthetic transactions, applications, locations, or agents for a selected time period. The existing applications or transactions are not deleted; only the metric data for these entities is removed from the CAS database.

Administrative rights are required to perform this task.

  1. Open the Administration console to the console of diagnostics commands.
    In the CAS main menu, select Tools ►Administrative console and select Commands console from the Diagnostic column. Search for Enterprise Synthetic and click CLEAR ENTERPRISE SYNTHETIC in the Command column
  2. Clear data as needed. 
    You can tune the scope of the data to delete using the Enterprise Synthetic dimensions of Application, Transaction, Location and Agent. You can also control the time period of data to be deleted.
    All the parameters are mandatory, however you can use wildcards in the parameter fields. For example, if you use wildcards for all parameters, you will delete all the Enterprise Synthetic data for a selected period. 

    After the data is cleared, the report server continues to collect data from agents and does not display statistics visible prior to data deletion.


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