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Roles define access for the product components integrated with the CSS (DC RUM, BSM, Enterprise Synthetic, and Dynatrace Enterprise Portal). A system administrator can assign users and user groups to roles. All new users, by default, are assigned to the “Guest” role.


Allows access to public data.

Reporting User

Allows access to report viewing functionality. Includes Guest access.

Packet Capture User

Allows access to the packet data-mining tool in the CAS.

Reporting Power User

Allows access to core report configuration and usage functionality. Includes Reporting User access.

Reporting Administrator

Allows access to everything needed to configure reporting. Includes Reporting Power User access.

Synthetic Console User

Allows access to Synthetic Monitoring Consoles.

Mobile Application User

Allows access to a specified set of reports via the mobile application.

System Administrator

Allows complete access to the entire suite. Includes all other roles.

  1. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Hello, is this page outdated?

    I have tried to log into CSS as Reporting Administrator, and I can only view my own profile