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The z/OS CICS Agent is able to detect abends (abnormal ends) within any CICS program. It is captured and reported within the PurePath as an exception.The Abend-AID plugin makes it easy to drill down into the Abend-AID Report of this particular exception (abend) for detailed analysis down to code level.


The Abend-AID plugin is a normal dynaTrace plugin. For general information regarding plugins please refer to the online documentation: https://community.compuwareapm.com/community/display/DOCDT56/Plugin+Management


  • dynaTrace Server 5.6 or higher
  • dynaTrace z/OS CICS agent
  • Abend-AID 12.3
  • Fault Analytics 12.3
  • Fault Analytics URL & User ID

Installation Instructions

  1. Download faultanalytics-plugin.dtp from this site
  2. Open the dynaTrace Client
  3. Go to "Tools->Manage Plugins..."
  4. Select "Install Plugin..."
    1. This will copy the plugin to the Server which will distribute it to all Clients when they connect
  5. Restart the Server
  6. After your Client has reconnected and the Plugin has been downloaded from the Server you will need to restart the Client too

How to uninstall old versions of the UI plugin of the client

This is how you get the client plugin installed (after the plugin was installed on the server and you were using older versions of the webstart client with older versions of the Fault Analytics plugin):

  • As a prerequisite on your own machine please delete the following directory, as there could be old plugins from older installations: %HOMEPATH%\.dynaTrace\dynaTrace Webstart Client <servername>
  • Start the Webstart Client - it will be downloaded again
  • The first time the Client connects, it will download the  Fault Analytics UI extension plugin from the server – it should display a message in the bottom right corner that tells you to restart your Client
  • The second time you launch the Client it will have the  Fault Analytics plugin installed

Download Details


Fault Analytics Plugin



dynaTrace Version



Compuware Corp.


Licensed with Abend-AID 12.3



Download Contents

dynaTrace 5.6:                                   faultanalytics-plugin-5.6.dtp

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