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Monitors BizTalk Host Instance specific Windows Performance Counters for a specific BizTalk Host Instance. Extends the dynaTrace Windows Performance Counter Monitor.


BizTalk Monitor Plugin

Plug-In Version


Compatible with

dynaTrace >= 5.6


MCG Systems (Rasmus Toelhoej - rtoelhoej@mcg-systems.dk)


dynaTrace BSD


Not Supported


BizTalk Monitor Plugin 1.0.1 provided by MCG Systems

Key benefits

Makes it easier to subscribe to all relevant BizTalk Windows Performance Counters

Key features

Captures a list of windows performance counters specific to a BizTalk Host Instance

Technical overview

The monitor is configured for a specific BizTalk Host Instance Name. The monitor then queries the following performance counters from the BizTalk:MessageAgent object for the specified instance:

  • High database session
  • High database size
  • High in-process message count
  • High message delivery rate
  • High message publishing rate
  • High process memory
  • High system memory
  • High thread count
  • Message delivery incoming rate
  • Message delivery outgoing rate
  • Message delivery delay (ms)
  • Message delivery throttling state
  • Message delivery throttling state duration
  • Message delivery throttling user override
  • Message publishing incoming rate
  • Message publishing outgoing rate
  • Message publishing delay (ms)
  • Message publishing throttling state
  • Message publishing throttling state duration
  • Message publishing throttling user override
  • FILE, SQL, SOAP and HTTP Adapter counters for sent/received messages

Install Description

  • Import the plugin on your Dynatrace Server
  • Create a Monitor in your System Profile and configure all required monitor properties
  • Add the measures to your Dashboard and monitor these values while running BizTalk


Showing a dashboard with some of the monitor's measures and the configuration dialogs:

Known Problems


  1. Anonymous (login to see details)


    With this work with Dynatrace 5.5 and 5.6?

  2. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Hi. This plugin should also work for 5.x. Please give it a try and let us know. If you confirm that it still works with 5.x I will update the version information on this download page

    1. Anonymous (login to see details)

      I forgot to reply.   We have it running on V6.1 now

  3. Anonymous (login to see details)

    I have a BizTalk PerfMon Monitor set up.  I added a few counters related to Orchestrations.  The current metric groups in the plug-in are:

    BizTalk FILE Adapter
    BizTalk State Counters
    BizTalk Message Delivery Counters
    BizTalk HTTP Receive Adapter
    BizTalk HTTP Send Adapter
    BizTalk Message Publishing Counters
    BizTalk SOAP Adapter
    BizTalk SQL Adapter

    How do I add a new group, for BizTalk Orchestrations?

  4. Anonymous (login to see details)

    I answered my own question.  I edited the plug-in in the dynaTrace plug-in editing feature.

    1. Anonymous (login to see details)

      Exactly - the PerfMonitor "just" provides the definition of windows performance counters for BizTalk. You can edit or add your own metrics by specifying the windows performance object name, counter name, instance, ...

    2. Anonymous (login to see details)

      Steve, Can you clarify which version of dT you were using?  It would be good to have field validation of it working for newer versions of dT.   5.x?   6.x?

      And if you've got an updated version that includes additional BizTalk relavent metrics, that would be great if you could share with the community.


      1. Anonymous (login to see details)

        Joe.  We have dT 5.6.  I did add some more counters based on the recommendations of our internal technical specialist for BizTalk.  But I must say that the team that keeps BizTalk running hasn't paid much attention to the counters I am bringing in, so I really can't provide insights from our operational usage of the counters.

  5. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Due to firewall restriction my BizTalk Windows Performance Monitors aren't able to contact the BizTalk servers. As a result I need to know the communication flow between the collector and Biztalk server. I'm guessing it's WMI? If so what's the port it communicates with the BizTalk server.