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 Your applications rely on MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, ...? Extend your Dynatrace Monitoring Platform by getting more visibility into the database servers

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Oracle Monitor Plugin

The Oracle Monitor plugin enables monitoring the values provided in Oracle's v$ tables.

Copy of Oracle Monitor Plugin

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Couchbase Plugin

This plugin queries a URL for a JSON string with or without authentication. The plugin then parses the string for a set of predefined Couchbase metrics and pulls the result into Dynatrace.

SQL Server Monitoring Plugin

Plugin which monitors Microsoft's SQL Server via PerfMon.  Accepts database instance name as a configuration parameter (if needed)

MongoDB for .NET FastPack

This FastPack gives you visibility into the MongoDB queriees executed by your .NET Application

Amazon SimpleDB Fastpack

The dynaTrace FastPack for Amazon SimpleDB enables easy out-of-the-box monitoring of read and write performance of the Amazon SimpleDB usage via Java. The FastPack consists of a Sensor Pack, a Sample Profile and Dashboards.

DB Query Monitor Plugin

The monitor returns the row count from the specified query and up to 10 column values of the "top" row if desired (must be numeric value). There is also an additional measure detailing whether the connection to the database was successful or not

PostgreSQL Monitor Plugin

PostgreSQL monitor Plugin allows you to monitor the values in key statistics PostgreSQL database. All captured data are provided by dynaTrace as Measures, enabling the assembly of its database monitoring dashboards. You can view statistics tables, database activities, I / O, Indexes, Sequences, and Cache Hit Rate and Usage Index.

DB2 Monitor Plugin

The DB2 plugin enables monitoring behavior metrics provided in a DB2 database.

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