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This plugin sends any Dynatrace measure from a chart to Datadog.

Send any chartable measure from Dynatrace to Datadog.

Name and Version

Datadog Plugin

Compatible with

6.2 and above


Adam Gardner (Dynatrace)


Dynatrace BSD

Support Level

Community Supported


Datadog Plugin v1.0



  1. Obtain your API key from the Datadog API page.
  2. Download and install plugin
  3. Configure the plugin options. Ensure the dynatrace user has sufficient access (able to access dashboards via REST call).


This plugin runs as a Task, on a schedule. During Task setup you will be asked to specify where the task should run.

Ensure the execution target (a collector or server) is able to reach the Datadog API via POST.

Hints & Tips

  • Create a dedicated dashboard for use with this plugin. Use hyphens or underscores not spaces - this makes configuration easier.
  • To verify everything is working, visit the BASE_URL + Dashboard Name in a browser. eg. http://localhost:8020/rest/management/dashboard/DD_Submitter
  • HTTP is disabled by default in 6.3. Ensure you have unchecked the Accept authentication data only with HTTPS if you wish to use HTTP.



Feel free to contribute any changes on Github.

For support or issues, please use the comments section below.