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NGINX Plus Monitoring Plugin

The NGINX Plus Monitoring plugin enables monitoring of your NGINX Plus environment. It queries the metrics that are provided by nginx status endpoint (ex. http://demo.nginx.com/status) and writes them into the Dynatrace Performance Warehouse. In addition, it contains example dashboards that show how metrics can be used in Dynatrace.

WebSphere Portal FastPack

The Dynatrace FastPack for WebSphere Portal provides a preconfigured Dynatrace profile custom tailored to WebSphere Portal environments. This FastPack contains sensors, a template system profile with measures and business transactions, and dashboards for the WebSphere Portal platform. If you are using UEM, you will also get visitor tagging, along with a customized dashboards for WebSphere Portal User Experience.

CSC Regulatory Solutions Suite

The dynaTrace FastPack for CSC Regulatory Solutions Suite enables easy out-of-the-box deployment of the RSS application on Dynatrace 6.1 and above.

This Dynatrace Fastpack for CSC Regulatory Solutions Suite (RSS), used by many CSC Clients in the Pharmaceuticals Sector, enables the rapid deployment of the RSS application on your Dynatrace Deployment.

The CSC RSS Fastpack includes a Dynatrace Profile, Custom Sensors, and Dashboards for the CSC RSS application.

The RSS Profile includes coverage for RSS Smartclient, DMSagent, SessionAgent, CompileAgent, CompileLeaftAgent, RenderAgent, and PublishAgent.

WebSphere DataPower Monitor Plugin

This plugin enables monitoring of the WebSphere Data Power SOA Appliance.

Endeca Monitoring Plugin

This monitor collects health and performance information from the Endeca dgraph server.

Varnish Stats Monitor Plugin

Varnish is a web application accelerator.  You install it in front of your web application and it will speed it up significantly.

JBoss 7 Datasource Monitoring Plugin

This plugin will help you capture the datasource statistics in "Jboss 7" or "Jboss EAP 6" using the new REST based Jboss management console. Once you capture the measure you can chart on the data.

WebSphere Single Server Plugin

This plugin allows you to gather single server WebSphere metrics via the SOAP interface.

Tibco BW Monitoring Plugin

TIBCO BW monitoring made possible through JMX (only for projects deployed on TIBCO Administrator). Current TIBCO specific metrics gathered from MBeans are:

1) getStatus
2) GetProcessCount
3) GetMemoryUsage
4) GetExecInfo
5) GetActiveProcessCount
6) GetProcessDefinitions
7) ListDbConnections

The plugin also give you the ability to gather JVM specific information. Please see JVM Monitoring Plugin for more details.

TIBCO EMS Monitor Plugin

This plugin will capture messaging-related metrics from TIBCO EMS.  The measures are composed of broker level measures and destination level measures

The plugin also allows for splitting by topic/queue name when charting the destination level measures

Weblogic Monitoring Plugin

Monitoring is a proactive, not reactive, approach to system management. That is what the Weblogic plugin is trying to provide. We have the ability to extract data that can be used for monitoring/alerting purposes, but having this history we can also start using the data for capacity planning and configuration validation (did we make things better or worse). This plugin makes collecting and storing Weblogic data easy. Add this to the graphical ability of dynaTrace and we now have a light weight and high result proactive monitoring solution.

This plugin allows you to gather metrics available in the Oracle WebLogic Console. In addition, it can also acquire the value of the oldest message in the JMS queue. The plugin collects system metric through auto discovery. This means no configuration is needed when adding or removing resources. 

Tibco FastPack

The dynaTrace FastPack for Tibco enables deep insight into Tibco Business Works Server and the enclosing platform. This FastPack provides essential metrics which are visualized on different dashboards including Tibco Business Transactions such as Job Number.

Guidewire FastPack

The dynaTrace FastPack for Guidewire Claim Center enables deep insight into the Guidewire Claim Center Application Server and the enclosing platform. This FastPack provides essential metrics which are visualized on different dashboards including Claim Center Business Transactions such as Claim Number and User Login

Kofax FastPack

Kofax is an integrated platform of applications that streamline the transformation of different document types into structured electronic information, ready for delivery into business systems and processes. Part of the suite includes document review and validation components. It is important to monitor and diagnose how these components are performing on the end users workstation. Kofax provides their own monitoring solution, but you can get performance metrics by instrumenting this in dynaTrace.

HornetQ FastPack

The HornetQ FastPack provides sensors in a template system profile and a dashboard for the HornetQ messaging system.

SOLR Monitoring FastPack

The dynaTrace FastPack for the SOLR enables easy out-of-the-box monitoring for applications using the SOLR Search Engine. The FastPack consists predefined JMX Measures for SOLR, Sensors for SOLR Server and SOLR Clients, Business Transactions a Template Profile and Dashboards.

WebSphere MQ Monitoring Fastpack

The dynaTrace FastPack for WebSphere MQ enables easy out-of-the-box monitoring of WebSphere MQ Queues, Topics and Subscriptions. The FastPack consists of a custom Monitor, Sample Profile and Dashboards.

SharePoint FastPack

The dynaTrace FastPack for the Microsoft SharePoint (both Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office Share Server) enables faster analysis of SharePoint Applications by providing specific Sensor Packs and Dashboards to identify problems in custom WebParts, SharePoint Lists & Views, usage of CAML, ...

Oracle WebLogic FastPack

The dynaTrace FastPack for Oracle WebLogic 11g+ enables deep insight into the Oracle WebLogic Application Server and the enclosing platform. This FastPack provides essential metrics which are visualized on different dashboards.

BizTalk FastPack

The dynaTrace FastPack for Microsoft BizTalk Server enables faster performance analysis of BizTalk Environments by providing pre-configured Dashboards, System Profile, Sensor Packs, and Monitor Plugin for BizTalk.

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