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This plugin checks the existence of a given file on an FTP Server and returns the result as a measure value of 0 or 1.

Plugin Details

Plug-In Files

FTPFileChecker v1.0.3


Joe Hoffman

dynaTrace Versions

>= 5.5


dynaTrace BSD


Not Supported

Release History

Dec 16, 2013.  v1.0.1 - Initial Release

Dec 18, 2013, v1.0.2 - Better error handling, compiled for v5.5

May 2015 - v1.0.3 - Adds check for directory existence

Provided Measures






1 if the specified directory is found on the FTP server

0 otherwise. In this case the FileExists measure is also set to 0

1; if the specified file is found on the FTP Server in the specified directory

0; if the specified file is not found

Screenshot of the measures screen



The following properties need to be defined when setting up this monitor

Property NameTypeDefault ValueNotes

FTP Server Hostname



hostname or IP address
FTP Server Port



changing this to 22 will not invoke SSL.  SSL is currently not supported by this plugin but could easily be added.
FTP Server UsernameString  
FTP Server PasswordString  
DirectoryString/If left blank, the filename is checked in the default login directory.  To check on the file located in the foo directory, this field would contain /foo.

Screenshot of the Configuration page

Usage Example

This plugin can be useful for detecting when a given file does or does not exist on a file system that is accessible by FTP.   This can be useful when a file existence or absence is used as a trigger for the beginning or completion of a batch job. The resulting measure can be plotted, displayed as a Traffic Light, and alerted upon via an action. Below is an example of showing the status of the file and showing an alert condition via a Traffic light when the file is not found.


Import the Plugin into the dynaTrace Server via the dynaTrace Server Settings menu -> Plugins -> Install Plugin. For details how to do this please refer to the dynaTrace documentation: Plugin Management


Feel free to contribute any changes on Github
























  1. Anonymous (login to see details)

    is it possible we can change protocol from ftp to sftp.

  2. Anonymous (login to see details)

    The plugin uses Sauronsoft's ftp4j - see http://www.sauronsoftware.it/projects/ftp4j/index.php. ftp4j supports FTPS but not SFTP - you could easily hack the plugin source code (it's available here: https://github.com/Dynatrace/Dynatrace-FTP-File-Checker-Plugin) to add something like: 

    client.setSecurity(FTPClient.SECURITY_FTPS); // enables FTPS

    There are details in the ftp4j docs.

  3. Anonymous (login to see details)


    Sorry, I have a question regarding this plugin,  I see that this supports FTPS but not SFTP.  I need to check to see if a file exists on an SFTP server.  So is there no way to get this plugin to work with SFTP?  If not, does anyone have any ideas on what else I can use to accomplish this?

    Thank you very much for any help,


  4. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Hi Tom -

    The plugin uses Sauronsoft's ftp4j - see http://www.sauronsoftware.it/projects/ftp4j/index.php, which unfortunately does not support SFTP. SFTP is based on SSH, so what you'd need to do is write a plugin that uses a pure Java implementation of SSH or SFTP. Hope this helps.


    Robert Statsinger