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ALERT (July 2015): Google Changed their API this FastPack uses. In the moment this plugin doesn't work any longer!

The dynaTrace FastPack for Google Analytics enables easy out-of-the-box monitoring of Google Analytics Data in your dynaTrace Environment. It allows you to correlate Analytics Data with Application Performance and Infrastructure Data. The FastPack consists of a custom Monitor, a sample System Profile and a Dashboard.

Fast Pack Details


Google Analytics FastPack



dynaTrace Version

>= 5.5


dynaTrace software


dynaTrace BSD


Community Supported

FastPack Contents

Fastpack 1.0.0

Google Analytics Dashboard

The Google Analytics Dashboard visualizes data retrieved through the Google Analytics Monitor plugin.

  • Top Chart: Total Page Views that came from how many Visitors and how many of these were New Visitors
  • Middle Chart: Total Visitors and how many of them Bounced off the page
  • Bottom Chart: Total Time on Site

This dashboard assists you analyzing your Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics Monitor

The Google Analytics Monitor plugin enables querying values from any website monitored with Google Analytics.The plugin retrieves values such as PageViews, Vistors, New Visitors, Bounces, Exits, Time on Page and Time on Site. This plugin allows you to view and correlate these values with application or infrastructure measures collected by dynaTrace.
Correlating these values allows you to answer questions like: Is the Bounce Rate going up because I have a problem on my landing pages? Do my PageViews go down because of slow performance transactions?

The monitor requires the following configuration settings:

  • Google Account Name: The Google Account that has access to Google Analytics Data
  • Google Account Password: The Google Account password
  • Website: The website that you want to monitor. You can monitor multiple websites with a single Google account. Default is to monitor the first registered website
  • Return Last Data Entry: If true - the last full data entry value is returned as result. If false - the delta value to the previous retrieved value is returned. The Delta allows you to get metrics as they come in. Google provides data as granular as one hour. If you specify Last Data Entry you will always get the current total number of the current hour.
  • Include Hours: If true - the plugin retrieves values with hourly granularity. This setting only has an impact if you specify Return Last Data Entry = true.
  • Log Detailed Analytics Data: if true - the monitor will log all retrieved measures from the Google API to the monitor log

FastPack Information

The Google Analytics FastPack contains everything to get started with getting your Analytics Data to dynaTrace.

  • A system profile with preconfigured monitor setup to execute every 10 minutes
  • Google Analytics Dashboard that shows all Google Analytics data
  • The Google Analytics Monitor Plugin


  1. Download and import the Dashboards and the System Profile on your Dynatrace Server
  2. Download and import the Monitor Plugin to your Dynatrace Server
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  1. Has anyone had any success using this?

    1. Hi. The plugin was developed almost two years ago and it seems some of the interfaces from Google Analytics have changed. There was the following discussion on the forum - Setting up Google Analytics plugin for 4.2. Rajesh seems to have worked on an updated version of the plugin. I suggest you post a question on that discussion thread and see whether they have an updated plugin to share

  2. Hi There,

    In my current environment I need to go through a proxy in order to access Internet. I cannot find a way to set up this proxy on the plug in. Anyone has an updated plug in in order to do this or a workaround for this situation?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Luis

      Just an FYI - we just started to move the actual source code of these plugins to github. Find this one here: https://github.com/dynaTrace/Dynatrace-Google-Analytics-FastPack-v10



  3. Looks like the google feed url address has changed to https://www.googleapis.com/analytics/v2.4/data



    So this plugin has stopped working. I am not a dev so have no chance of amending the code!! (sad)

  4. Does someone have the source code for the monitor?

    1. All the source code of all our plugins are on the respective GitHub pages. this one is here: https://github.com/dynaTrace/Dynatrace-Google-Analytics-Monitor-Plugin

  5. Hi 

    Is there any change in the plugin state or its still not working? 




    1. As said earlier - the plugin is on github. I havent updated it to the latest Google API. But feel free to go ahead and change it - source code is out there