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The Grinder plugin queries performance values while executing a test.

The plugin uses Grinder's REST Interface to query the following metrics:

  1. Total Response Time
  2. Number of Tests Executed
  3. Number of Errors
  4. Total Standard Deviation
  5. Total TPS
  6. Total Peak TPS

Plugin Details

Plug-In Files



Marc Holden (Holden.Marc@measuredprogress.org)

dynaTrace Versions

>= 5.5


dynaTrace BSD


Not Supported

Known Problems


Release History

2012-09-04 Initial Release


Import the Plugin into the dynaTrace Server via the dynaTrace Server Settings menu -> Plugins -> Install Plugin. For details how to do this please refer to the dynaTrace documentation.


This plugin talks to the Grinder Console running on a miminium version of 3.10 (Grinder 3.10 is the first Grinder release with REST API).

Once you have the plugin installed you can create a new monitor as shown in the following screenshots:


The following screenshot shows a dashboard displaying some of the measures queried by the monitor:

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