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Plugins are now stored in Dynatrace community (FastPacks and Plugins) and on github (https://github.com/dynaTrace)

Following information is stored in Dynatrace community:

  1. High level information (Author, Support Level, ...)

Following information is stored in github:

  1. High level information (Author, Support Level, ...)
  2. Detailed description of Plugin in README.md
  3. Download files (zip-Files, jar-Files, dtp-Files, ...)
  4. Source files

Store plugin in GitHub

1) Get access to Dynatrace organization on GitHub

a) create and account on GitHub (https://github.com/). Preferable would be a username like Dynatrace-<Firstname>-<Lastname>

b) write an email including the name of your GitHub user to community@dynatrace.com that you want to get access to the Dynatrace organization on GitHub.

You will get an invitation to the Dynatrace organization.

2) Install GitHub for Windows or GitHub for Mac

a) Install GitHub for Windows (https://windows.github.com/) or Mac (https://mac.github.com/)

b) You should find now GitHub and Git Shell in your programs

3) Create GitHub repository

a) Go to https://github.com/Dynatrace

b) Click New button

c) Enter data for repository and click "Create repository"-Button

d) repository must be added to team "Product Specialists" so other people also have access to this repository.

Write an email to community@dynatrace.com with the repository name. The community team will add the repository to team "Product Specialists".

4) Clone GitHub repository

a) Start Git Shell

b) Clone GitHub repository to your local disk by entering following command in Git Shell: git clone https://github.com/dynatrace/<repository-name>.git.

You can copy the url for your repository here:


5) Edit README.md

The README-file is formatted in markdown. To find out more about markdown read mastering markdown.

Please use this template to create the  REAMDE.md file and fill out all sections.

Result should look like this:

6) Add source code to github

Add source code in directory "src" (e.g. D:\github\Dynatrace-PostgreSQL-Monitor-Plugin\src) and commit source code to GitHub


For a plugin provide following source files

  • Java-Files
  • Lib-Files

Directory structure should look like this:






For a Fastpack provide following source files:

  • Profiles (*.xml)
  • Dashboards (*.xml)

Directory structure should look like this:







For a sensorpack provide the rules.xml file

Directory structure should look like this:


7) Commit your changes

a) Change your files locally.

b) Start GitHub

c) Add new repository

d) commit your "uncommitted changes"

8) Create branch

a) Click on branch selector menu

b) type in the name of your branch and click on "create branch"

6) Add Release with downloadable files

a) Click on "release"


b) click on "Create a new release"



c) Enter information for release and click "Publish release"

  • tag version
  • release title
  • Description of release
  • attach binaries (e.g. dtp-file for Fastpack, jar-file, ...)



For a plugin provide jar-file as download file


For a fastpack provide dtp-file as download file


For a sensorpack provide dtcs-file as download file

Create plugin description in Dynatrace community

1) Go to https://community.dynatrace.com/community/display/DL/FastPacks+and+Plugins and click on the Create Button

2) Select Community Download, ... and click the "Create"-Button

3) Fill in all information for the plugin

4) Add Download-Links to Download-Files

Link must point to release-file https://github.com/dynaTrace/Dynatrace-PostgreSQL-Monitor-Plugin/releases/download/v1.0.0/com.dynatrace.postmon_1.0.0.jar

5) Add link to GitHub

6) Add Label to plugin (at the end of page)

You have to add at least one of the following labels because otherwise the plugin is not showing up in any category:

  • bigdatafastpack
  • operationsplugin
  • cloudfastpack
  • sysmonplugin
  • databasefastpack
  • technologysupportdl
  • enterprisefastpack
  • devplugin
  • automatingdynatrace
  • ci-plugin
  • webtest
  • jsonreporting
  • otherplugindl
  • webdownload
  • webfastpack







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