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Update plugin content in GitHub

1) Get access to dyntrace-organization on GitHub

a) create and account on github (https://github.com/). For Dynatrace employees a username like Dynatrace-<Firstname>-<Lastname> would be preferable.

b) write an email including the name of your GitHub-user to community@dynatrace.com that you want to get access to the dynatrace-organization on GitHub. You will get an invitation for the dynatrace-organization.

2) Install GitHub for Windows or GitHub for Mac

a) Install GitHub for Windows (https://windows.github.com/) or Mac (https://mac.github.com/)

b) You should find now "GitHub" and Git Shell" in your programs

3) Clone GitHub repository

a) Start "Git Shell"

b) Clone GitHub repository to your local disk by entering following command in "Git Shell": git clone https://github.com/dynatrace/<repository-name>.git.

You can copy the url for your repository here:

4) Commit your changes

a) Change your files locally.

b) Start "GitHub"

c) Add new repository

d) commit your "uncommitted changes"

5) Create new branch

6) Create new release

a) Click on "release"


b) Click on "draft a new release"


c) Enter information for new release and add download files

7) Update plugin content on community page

a) update information on community page

c) update links of download files so the link to new release

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