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Jad Java Decompiler Library


Jad is an alternative to the built-in Java decompiler shipped with the dynaTrace Client.

dynaTrace Version

2.x, 3.x


Download Jad



As an alternative you can use JD as JAD is an older decompiler and my not work with newer Java Runtimes. Check out the
KB-452 How to use JD as a decompiler for Java from dynaTrace client

Please see the Jad Homepage for details about licensing in commercial and non-commercial environments.

Using Jad has several advantages:

  • Enhanced readability of the generated source code
  • Automatic conversion of identifiers garbled by Java obfuscators
  • Full support for inner and anonymous classes 


  1. Download the package from the link location mentioned above locally to the computer where the dynaTrace Diagnostics Client is installed.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Copy the extracted executable to
    • dynaTrace 2.x: <dtdhome>/bin directory
    • dynaTrace 3.x: <dthome>/client/lib directory
  4. When the installation is finished Jad will be used to decompile Java bytecode
  5. restart the dynaTrace client

On OSX, it may be necessary to create the /lib directory under DT_HOME/client/.