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Kofax is an integrated platform of applications that streamline the transformation of different document types into structured electronic information, ready for delivery into business systems and processes. Part of the suite includes document review and validation components. It is important to monitor and diagnose how these components are performing on the end users workstation. Kofax provides their own monitoring solution, but you can get performance metrics by instrumenting this in dynaTrace.

FastPack Details


Kofax FastPack

dynaTrace Version

>= 5.5


Derek Abing


dynaTrace BSD


Community Supported




  • Kofax System Profile
  • Kofax Dashboard



Follow the following Steps:

  • Import the Kofax System Profile
  • Instrument and Configure your Kofax Application to map the agent group defined in the System Profile (uses .NET Agent)
  • Restart your application
  • Open the Kofax Kofax Dashboard
  1. Anonymous (login to see details)


    We are trying to find the correct processes to apply the .NET agents to can you point us to right direction, so that we get the Fastpack working?

    Some of these might not be Kofax, but I am not sure which so I just post all

    • MailroomProcess.exe
    • ServerSchedularService.exe
    • ExtractionProcess.exe
    • ImporterServiceV2.exe
    • release.exe
    • Basware anyERP Adaptor.exe
    • KfxPdf.exe
    • FP.exe
    • Scan.exe
    • Ocr.exe
    • ACSvc.exe
    • DocuementRegistration.exe
    • Basware anyERP Adapter.exe
    • IFaceService.exe
    • Kofax.PubtypeCleaner.exe
    • Scan.exe
    • DashboardService.exe
    • Kofax.BatchRouter.exe
    • Ajgp.DcsMaintenanceService.exe
    • Ajgp.PrepareStatsModuleService.exe
    • Ajgp.QualityCheckRoutingModuleService.exe
    • Ajgp.SaveStatsModuleService.exe
    • KBModuleService.exe
    • ScanCaptureMailFetcher.exe
    1. Anonymous (login to see details)

      The processes for Document Reviewer and Validation are called MailroomDocumentReview.exe and MailroomVal.exe. Make sure they are running in the background when you launch the .NET Agent Configuration.

      1. Anonymous (login to see details)

        Ok, thanks for these. How did you come up with the correct Entry points? Do you think we would need to have more .NET agents installed for the other processes. We would like to just know how many Invoices are processed and scanned correctly through the Kofax system.

        1. Anonymous (login to see details)

          I worked with one of our Kofax gurus internally here to identify the entry points and important areas they like to see. We basically enabled a lot of custom sensors in the beginning to ensure we got everything and then stepped through the validation and document review as a user would and checked the PurePaths and determined which methods we wanted to act as entry points. After we were satisified with the methods we identified we removed any remaining custom sensor.

          1. Anonymous (login to see details)

            Ok, seems like I need to do the same