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Launcher Plug-In for Visual Studio 2005/2008


This Visual Studio Plugin allows you to launch your active project from Visual Studio and automatically activating the dynaTrace .NET Agent   
The plugin will start the output executable of the current active project in your opened solution. It also sets the DTD_AGENTACTIVE and DTD_AGENTNAME environment variable. DTD_AGENTACTIVE will be set to true, DTD_AGENTNAME will be set to the name of the exectuable (excluding .exe). Having DTD_AGENTACTIVE to true eliminates the need to configure the process with the .NET Agent Configuration Tool.

If you specify a keyboard shortcut on the command dynaTraceLauncher.Connect.dynaTraceLauncher you can launch your application from within Visual Studio with a simple keyboard combination and automatically activating the dynaTrace .NET Agent.

Plug-In Version


Compatible with

dynaTrace 3.0

Tested with:

Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008


dynaTrace software GmbH




dynaTrace BSD


Limited Support


Setting the Keyboard Shortcut for the new dynaTraceLauncher Command

The dynaTraceLauncher menu item in the tool menu

The launched process including DTD_AGENTNAME and DTD_AGENTACTIVE

Install Description

Extract the .dll and .AddIn file into your MyDocuments\Visual Studio 2005\Addins or MyDocuments\Visual Studio 2008\AddIns folder.
In caes the AddIns folder is not there create it.
Now start your Visual Studio - the AddIn should show up in the Tool menu

Compatibility Matrix


Known Problems




  File Modified
File vsts_launcher_keyboard.PNG Oct 23, 2008 by Andreas Grabner
File vsts_launcher_envvar.PNG Oct 23, 2008 by Andreas Grabner
File vsts_launcher_toolmenu.PNG Oct 23, 2008 by Andreas Grabner
ZIP Archive dynaTrace_VSLauncher_v1.0.zip Oct 23, 2008 by Andreas Grabner
ZIP Archive dynaTrace_VSLauncher_v1.1.zip Nov 06, 2008 by Andreas Grabner
ZIP Archive dynaTrace_VSLauncher_v1.2.zip Using new environment variables DT_AGENTACTIVE, ... (instead of DTD_...) Nov 26, 2008 by Andreas Grabner
ZIP Archive dynaTrace_VSLauncher_v1.4.zip Compiled with the latest version of dynaTrace 3.0 ( Mar 17, 2009 by Andreas Grabner
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