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This Fastpack gives you deep insight into what's happening in your Magento eCommerce platform. 3 different dashboards present relevant data for system health, transactions and shop internals.

Name and Version

Magento Fastpack v1.1

Compatible with

Dynatrace 6.2


Harald Zeitlhofer (harald.zeitlhofer@dynatrace.com)


dynaTrace BSD

Support Level

Community Supported


Download from Github.com


this fastpack contains a pre-configured system profile and dashboards for monitoring a Magento eCommerce platform
developed and tested on Magento 1.9 

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Download the FastPack (.dtp) file to your local machine. Then either double click that .dtp file (on Windows) or open your Dynatrace Client and through Tools -> Manage Plugins Install that new Plugin. After the installation is successful you will find a new System Profile called "Magento".


The Magento System Profile contains a pre-configured agent group "Webserver" with an agent mapping name "Webserver". All you need to do is to edit your dtwsagent.ini file and use "Webserver" in the "Name" property of that file. After that simply restart the Dynatrace Web Server Agent on that machine. Also make sure to follow all installation instructions for PHP as well as for the Web Server you use (Apache, IIS, NGINX, ...). More information on this can be found in the Online Documentation: PHP Agent Configuration and Web Server Agent Configuration.