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Using Microsoft technology such as SharePoint, MS SQL, BizTalk, VisualStudio or Azure? Dynatrace FastPacks and Plugins for Microsoft build on the core Dynatrace technology and provide rapid instrumentation of Microsoft applications, as well as expanding visibility into performance metrics for middleware, databases, and Azure cloud.



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SharePoint FastPack

The dynaTrace FastPack for the Microsoft SharePoint (both Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office Share Server) enables faster analysis of SharePoint Applications by providing specific Sensor Packs and Dashboards to identify problems in custom WebParts, SharePoint Lists & Views, usage of CAML, ...

SQL Server Monitoring Plugin

Plugin which monitors Microsoft's SQL Server via PerfMon.  Accepts database instance name as a configuration parameter (if needed)

Exchange Server Performance Counters Plugin

These plugins extend the out-of-the-box Windows Performance Monitor Plugin allowing you to monitor key counters for your Exchange Server that may have the Client Access, Hub Service, Mailbox, Unified Messaging, or Edge Transport roles installed.

SCOM Action Monitoring Plugin

This action plugin enables pushing dynaTrace Incident data to System Center Operations Manager 2007 - 2012

Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013 IDE Plugins

dynaTrace provides plugins for Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013 to enable Automatic Code Lookups from the dynaTrace Client, Automatic Agent injection when launching an application from the IDE, Integration to the Visual Studio Load Testing Feature.

Windows Service Status Monitor Plugin

The plugin is querying the specified service on the given host(s) using the Windows SC command which communicates with the NT Service Controller and Services.

Windows Process Monitor Plugin

The plugin is querying the specified process on the given host(s) using the Windows tasklist command.

BizTalk Monitor Plugin

Monitors BizTalk Host Instance specific Windows Performance Counters for a specific BizTalk Host Instance. Extends the dynaTrace Windows Performance Counter Monitor.

BizTalk FastPack

The dynaTrace FastPack for Microsoft BizTalk Server enables faster performance analysis of BizTalk Environments by providing pre-configured Dashboards, System Profile, Sensor Packs, and Monitor Plugin for BizTalk.

MSBuild Tasks Library

Allows you to call dynaTrace automation tasks from MSBuild

Windows Event Log Action Plugin

The Windows Event Log Action Plugin enables dynaTrace to forward incidents into the Microsoft Windows Event Log.

Windows CPU and Memory Action Plugin

The Action plugin will send an email with Process and CPU information about a Windows System via PS Tools. The plugin is hard coded to look at the pslist command at C:\PSTools\pslist.exe on the dynaTrace Server.

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