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Using Oracle technology such as WebLogic, Endeca or Oracle Databases? Dynatrace FastPacks and Plugins for Oracle build on the core Dynatrace technology and provide rapid instrumentation of Oracle applications, as well as expanding visibility into performance metrics for middleware and databases.



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Oracle Monitor Plugin

The Oracle Monitor plugin enables monitoring the values provided in Oracle's v$ tables.

Copy of Oracle Monitor Plugin

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Weblogic Monitoring Plugin

Monitoring is a proactive, not reactive, approach to system management. That is what the Weblogic plugin is trying to provide. We have the ability to extract data that can be used for monitoring/alerting purposes, but having this history we can also start using the data for capacity planning and configuration validation (did we make things better or worse). This plugin makes collecting and storing Weblogic data easy. Add this to the graphical ability of dynaTrace and we now have a light weight and high result proactive monitoring solution.

This plugin allows you to gather metrics available in the Oracle WebLogic Console. In addition, it can also acquire the value of the oldest message in the JMS queue. The plugin collects system metric through auto discovery. This means no configuration is needed when adding or removing resources. 

Oracle WebLogic FastPack

The dynaTrace FastPack for Oracle WebLogic 11g+ enables deep insight into the Oracle WebLogic Application Server and the enclosing platform. This FastPack provides essential metrics which are visualized on different dashboards.

Oracle iPlanet Monitoring Plugin

Plugin for monitoring iPlanet stats.  Requires iPlanet's stats-xml page to be enabled

Endeca Monitoring Plugin

This monitor collects health and performance information from the Endeca dgraph server.

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