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The dynaTrace FastPack for Oracle WebLogic 11g+ enables deep insight into the Oracle WebLogic Application Server and the enclosing platform. This FastPack provides essential metrics which are visualized on different dashboards.The FastPack was developed in close co-operation with the Swiss dynaTrace customer BIT (Federal Office of Information Technology and Telecommunication). Special thanks to Sascha Koerner for sharing his production monitoring know-how and supporting the dynaTrace Community.

Fast Pack Details


Christian Grimm (

dynaTrace Versions

dynaTrace >= 5.5


dynaTrace BSD


Not Supported

Known Problems

Some features are currently only available on UNIX platforms (*only the UNIX Monitoring Plugin is currently used to provide OS metrics)

Release History

2011-04-11 Initial Release
2011-04-19 Optimized Dashboards added
2011-04-27 Added JRockit / Sun JVM Memory Diagnostics Dashboards
2012-01-16 Added FastPack for dynaTrace 4.1

FastPack Contents

1 System Profile
1 Plugin
7 Dashboards


dynaTrace >= 5.5:
dynaTrace Oracle WebLogic FastPack (Please rename to .dtp if the file is downloaded as .zip)
Optimized dynaTrace Oracle WebLogic Dashboards (optimized for displaying up to four WebLogic instances on one Dashboard)


FastPack Documentation (German).pdf


The following components are part of this FastPack:

WebLogic System Profile

The reference System Profile contains a set of basic metrics required by the Dashboards of this FastPack. In addition, the UNIX Monitor Plugin and the Web Transaction Monitor Plugin are used to fetch additional metrics.

WebLogic Extended Plugin

The "WebLogic Extended" plugin is an essential part of this FastPack. This Plugin is a metric group plugin which retrieves additional JMX values from the Oracle WebLogic Application Server. The Plugin has to be manually installed before the FastPack can be used.

WebLogic Application Dashboard

The Application Dashboard gives a quick overview of the following metrics:

  • Synthetic Web Transaction (*needs to be configured in the System Profile settings)
  • API Layer Breakdown (gives a quick overview of the most time consuming application layers)
  • Transactions (How many Transactions are currently processed by the WebLogic Application Server and how is the Response Time)
  • Database (Quantity of Database operations and time spent on DB layer)

WebLogic Health Dashboard

The WebLogic Health Dashboard gives insight into the Oracle WebLogic Application server's internal metrics.

  • Sessions (Current Web Sessions and the configured Servlet Pool Size)
  • JTA (Active Transactions. Additional graph for committed and abandoned Transactions)
  • EJB (EJB Cache Miss Count in relation to the total EJB Access Count. Second graph for committed, rolled back and timed out EJB Transactions)
  • JDBC (Current JDBC Connection Count in relation to the JDBC Connection Count High Count. Second graph shows the current JDBC Connections Delay)
  • Execution Queue (Current number of pending requests in the Execution Queue. Additional metrics for the Execution Queue Threads)
  • CPU / Thread (CPU usage of the WebLogic process. Additional threading infos)

WebLogic JMS Dashboard

The JMS Dashboard gives insight into the messaging subsystem of the Oracle WebLogic Application Server.

  • JMS (Current JMS Connections in relation to the highest number of parallel JMS Connections. Second graphs for total sent and received JMS Messages)
  • Producer (Pending JMS Messages)
  • Destination (Pending JMS Messages)
  • Consumer (Pending JMS Messages)

WebLogic Operating System Dashboard

The Operating System Dashboard displays important information about the machine's performance metrics.

  • CPU Usage (Current CPU Usage)
  • Processes (Number of Blocked / Run Queue Current processes in relation to total process count)
  • Memory (Used and Free Memory)
  • Disk I/O (Current Disk activity)
  • Pages I/O (Paging activity)
  • Disk Space (Used Disk Space in relation to the Total Disk Space)
  • Network (Network Activity and Errors)

WebLogic JVM Overview Dashboard

The JVM Dashboard provides some basic metrics for monitoring the Java Virtual Machine.

  • Overview (CPU Usage of the JVM process in relation to the machine's total CPU Usage. Additional metrics for Memory Usage, currently Loaded Classes and number of Threads)
  • Suspension (Displays the current PurePath durations with and without Runtime Suspensions)
  • Heap (Shows the Old Generation Space in percent)
  • Garbage Collection (Displays the different GC runs)

WebLogic JVM Memory Diagnostics Dashboards

The JVM Memory Diagnostics Dashboards provides details about the memory usage of the Sun JVM and Oracle JRockit JVM.

  • Heap Generations
  • Garbage Collection Behaviour
  • Suspension (Displays the current PurePath durations with and without Runtime Suspensions)
  • Runtime Suspensions (Affected Method and Function Calls) in PurePaths
  • Memory Allocations in PurePaths
  • Memory Dump Analysis

For more information about how to use the dashboards and learn how to diagnose memory problems, please either read
a) the german book from our COE team.
Book: Java Enterprise Performance. The memory diagnostics Dashboards are described in chapter 2.2 Performance Analysis.
b) read the english Java Performance Online Book: Memory diagnostics is discussed in the chapter Memory Management.

Optimized Dashboards

These additional Dashboards are optimized for displaying multiple (up to four) Oracle WebLogic Server instances per Dashboard. The Dashboards are basically the same as in the standard FastPack, but optimized for viewing load-bbalanced instances of Oracle WebLogic Servers.



dynaTrace 4.1:

Step 1: Import the dynaTrace Oracle WebLogic FastPack Plugin into your dynaTrace Server. This FastPack Plugin automatically installs the referenced System Profile, Extended Metrics Plugin and the seven Dashboards.

Step 2: (Optional): Install the Optimized Oracle WebLogic Dashboards by unzipping the archive and opening them in the dynaTrace client.


dynaTrace 3.5:

Step 1: Import the dynaTrace Oracle WebLogic Extended Metrics Plugin into your dynaTrace Server. For details on how to do this please refer to the Online Documentation on Plugin Management.

Step 2: Import the dynaTrace Oracle WebLogic FastPack Plugin into your dynaTrace Server. This FastPack Plugin automatically installs the referenced System Profile and the seven Dashboards.

Step 3: (Optional): Install the Optimized Oracle WebLogic Dashboards by unzipping the archive and opening them in the dynaTrace client.


The Unix Monitor Plugin needs to be configured properly in the System Profile to get operation system relevant metrics. In addition, the Web Transaction Monitor Plugin needs to be configured to get results for the synthetic transaction metrics.


Feel free to contribute any changes on Github


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  1. Thank you for providing the pack but Unfortunately it doesn't works on 5.5 Version. Could you provide me the newer version ? 

    1. Hi. I reached out to the guy who created this fastpack. He will look into upgrading it to 5.5 next week

    2. Hi Vamsi,

      Please excuse my late answer. I just verified the FastPack with a dynaTrace 5.5 / Solaris / WLS 11g environment. The FastPack works fine for me.
      Could you please describe, what exactly did not work for you?

      Thank you in advance

      1. Sorry for the late reply. I was having some exception earlier but I guess while using Dashboard. I created my own and no issues.

  2. Hi Andy,

    Is there any plugin for Oracle Weblogic 10g??



    1. I am not aware of such a plugin - which doesnt mean that it doesnt exist. I would post this question on the Forum instead of this download page

  3. Any info on support for 5.5..  Tried to install but doesnt show up after I run the process.

  4. Hello,

    Do we have a version of the fastpack for dynaTrace v5.5 ? Thanks

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I'm sorry, 5.5 is currently not supported

  5. Hi,


    i am trying to install the FastPack in a 6.1 DT Server version and it does not work. The server log prints a version mismatch because it was built for a 4.1.0 DT version. Do you know hoy to make it work on the latest versions?

    Thanks in advance.



    1. Do we have an update for supporting this in Dynatrace 6.2?




      1. I could not get it working for 6.2 so I unzipped it and tried just the profile xml file in the profile directory... Same issue.

        I modified the version line from 4.1.xxxx to <dynatrace version=""> and the profile loaded.


           Unzip the .dtp file as it is a zip file.

           Go to the profiles directory and edit "Oracle WebLogic.profile.xml"

           Change line 5 to this <dynatrace version="">

           go to the top directory and zip it all back up and change the extension from .zip to .dtp.

           Try the file now.


        1. Thanks Eric.  I am going to a customer next week where we will probably want to implement this.  I will give it a try.

  6. Hi guys - we're trying to install this fastpack in a Dt 6.2.2 server and we're getting this error. The sample system profile does not load and therefore neither does the fastpack. Customer needs the custom WebLogic metrics that the fastpack provides. He has the dashboards but a huge amount of rework is required without the custom metrics. Anyone have a path to success here?


  7. Ah we will try the abpve (smile)

  8. Guys - Alex and I got the fastpack to install and its Oracle Weblogic system profile to appear, but the dashboards don't seem to populate. I verified the presence of the 'WebLogic Extended' plugin. Should that plugin provide all of the measures that the fastpack's dashboards expect?



  9. Is this fastpack still valid for version 6.5?  I got similar error with Robert. 

    Could not load profile Oracle WebLogic.profile.xml: com.dynatrace.diagnostics.server.shared.XMLConfig loadApplicationConfig:229 Version mismatch: actual= expected= 

    1. We migrated to 6.5 about 2 months ago and use this plugin.  We still use some older versions of the dashboards from what I see here.  We did in some cases have to redo/reload the "series' on some of the dashlets.  I hope this helps

  10. I got a good bit of the base FastPack (without the "optimized dashboards") working today in a customer environment with 6.5.  

    The steps I took were:

    1. Changed all of the the (very) old version numbers to "" in the XML files (System Profile and Dashboards)
    2. Used "create measure" to add each measure under the "WebLogic Extended" metric group
    3. Changed measures for JVMs to use IBM (customer specific)

    After all this, some of the dashboards provided pretty good visibility, so it seems to be a worthwhile FastPack.

    Some of the dashboards depend on monitors to get OS type data.  I am not sure how much value they add.

    The change in version number should let it work with any version >= 5.6, and is key to get very far with this FastPack, which basically needs a face lift at this point.



    1. Dave Mauney Hi Dave. Can you please commit the changed xml-files on GitHub and create an updated version of this fastpack. Thanks Ingo