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The dynaTrace SMS Notification Plugin enables dynaTrace to send notifications, such as alerts of incidents, via SMS to cell phones.The plugin is based on the open source project SMSLib, wich provides a flexible communication API, good support for hardware devices and also support for internet SMS gateway services.

The following outbound technologies are supported:

Plugin Details


Christian Grimm (christian.grimm@dynatrace.com)

dynaTrace Versions

Dynatrace >= 6.3


dynaTrace BSD


Not Supported

Known Problems


Release History

2011-03-10 Initial Release




Import the Plugin into the dynaTrace Server. For details how to do this please refer to the Online Documentation on Plugin Management.


The action plugin can be configured with three different setups:

Hardware Device

The following screenshot shows an example configuration for the D-Link DWM-152 USB modem.

Cickatell (Internet Gateway)

Sample Clickatell configuration:

Please note that an API has to be created within the Clickatell administration web console.

BulkSMS (Internet Gateway)

This shows an example of how the SMS Plugin can be configured to use the BulkSMS internet gateway:

Example SMS


Please refer to the log file, which contains the full console output of the dynaTrace SMS Notification Plugin:



Please provide feedback on this plugin either by commenting on this page or by comments on the Community Plugins and Extensions

  1. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Can the plugin be used with versions 5.6, 6 and 6.1?


  2. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Yes it should work fine.

    If you have any problems, go ahead and post here.

  3. Anonymous (login to see details)

    HI Joe,

    Can it integrate with our own SMS server?


    1. Anonymous (login to see details)

      The sourcecode is available with all Community plugins, directly within the plugin itself, so if functionality isn't directly available from the existing version of this plugin, feel free to add it.

    2. Anonymous (login to see details)

  4. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Noted with tks

  5. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Hi Team,

    Please help me to configure new SMS gateway.

  6. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Anybody got this plug-in works with Twilio ?