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The dynaTrace FastPack for Tibco enables deep insight into Tibco Business Works Server and the enclosing platform. This FastPack provides essential metrics which are visualized on different dashboards including Tibco Business Transactions such as Job Number.


Fast Pack Details


Original Author: Dan Breslin

dynaTrace Versions

dynaTrace >= 5.5


dynaTrace BSD


Community Supported

Known Problems


Release History

August 2013 Initial Release

FastPack Contents

1 System Profile
2  Dashboards


dynaTrace 5.5

Tested with Tibco BW 5.4 and 5.7



The following components are part of this FastPack:

Tibco System Profile

The reference Tibco System Profile contains a set of basic metrics required by the Dashboards of this FastPack for Tibco Business Works.


Tibco Dashboard

The Tibco Dashboard gives insight into the Tibco Performance and Buisiness Transaction volume and response times.

Tibco JVM Health Dashboard

The Tibco JVM Health Dashboard gives insight into health and performance of the Tibco Java Virtual Machne



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  1. Hi Andi,

    We have Tibco BW orchestrate call from front-end to back-end services. We are planning to use the sensor configuration in this fastpack to get a correlated purepath from front-end to all the way to back-end database calls. Has this been tested in any such scenarios? 


    1. This Fastpack will assure all Tibco Purepaths are captured and provide relevant business transactions like Tibco Job Number.

      It may not however assure that the Purepath carries all the way through to a backend server behind Tibco. To do so may require using an ADK to tag the transaction through the internal Tibco layers. See link below for related info .

      Using AspectJ to connect PurePaths in Tibco’s BusinessWorks

  2. There is no plugin here, just the dashboards and Plugins.


    Hi Andi, we are using  tibems and trying to get pure path details like JMS->BW->SOAP->topic->BW->SOAP. We have upgrade to 5.6 so will this fastpack help?

    I am also checking 6.0 documentation. I can only see inforation regarding tibrv.. does this mean tibems is not supported

    1. Hi. EMS is supported by our JMS Support. Messages that are routed through EMS will simply keep the incoming TAG and forward that to the next endpoint.

      This FastPack provides some additional Sensors so that the dashboards you see on this page popluate with data - this is unrelated to the dT5.6 and dT6 improvements. These Improvements have to do with proper end-to-end PurePath tagging through Business Works



    Thanks Andi.

    I am assuming if I add dynatrce on JMS server, JMS taging will send tag in messages and this will help in seeing the pure path.

    Do I need to create my own tibco messaging sensor as DT5.5 document talks about of tibrv

    "The Tibco Sensor captures data when one of the com.tibco.tibrv.TibrvTransport send... methods, or the com.tibco.tibrv.TibrvMsgCallback onMsg() is called."

    Also, in JMS tag, it is mentioned that "The JMS Tagging Sensor adds the TraceTag as a JMS Property to the JMS Message when it is sent and removes this Property when the message is received. To remove the property it has to get all existing properties, clear all properties and set all remaining properties again."

    does it mean each JMS in pipe line will add its own TAG before sending it to next BW? How will it work if I have mutile JMS queue/Topics in business flow. We have a near realtime interface which involves mutiple JMS queues. I was to get over all processing time per message in dynatrace including wait time in queue.

    Please let me know if this is possible

  5. The Tag is added on the application that sends the message and is then "travelling" with the message through your queues. The application that receives the message then looks at the tag and continues the PurePath. There is no activity that we do on TIBCO/Message Queue itself. The only thing you need to make sure is that the tag stays on that message - otherwise we wont be able to follow the end-to-end PurePath.

    If you want to have full support through BW in dT 5.5 you need to follow the instructions outlined here: Using AspectJ to connect PurePaths in Tibco’s BusinessWorks - or simply upgrade to the latest version of dynaTrace which offers all of this out-of-the-box

  6. Is there any way to get this FastPack for dt 6.0 ?

    1. Hi Herman. The FastPack should work for 6.x as well. Can you give it a try and let me know?

      1. It did install on and  can be seen in the Sensor Packs!

        1. Great to hear - thanks for verifying!

  7. Hi, how can I get Tibco Job Number data to show up? (top right window of TIBCO Dashboard)

  8. Hi,

    How can we get Busy threads,Connection pool size in Tibco BW.