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Name and Version

Tier Time Monitor Plugin Version

Compatible with

>= 6.0


Daniel Pohanka (Dynatrace)


Dynatrace BSD


Support Level

Not Supported


Tier Time Monitor Fastpack v1.0.3.1


The Tier Time Monitor plugin queries a built-in Transaction Flow Dashboard to return response time, execution time, and execution CPU time.

Metrics can be split by agent name, agent group, or technology.

Metrics can also be filtered by agent group, agent name, and business transaction.

The plugin supports both HTTP and HTTPS.


Plugin Parameters:
Protocol (required) - http protocol to access the dynaTrace server rest interface
Port (required) - http port to access the dynaTrace server rest interface
username (required) - username to log into the dynaTrace server
password (required) - password to log into the dynaTrace server
Aggregation (required) - min/avg/max aggregation of measures
Split by (required) - split tier time by agent name, agent group, or technology
System Profile Filter (required) - System Profile Name
Timeframe Filter (required) - Timeframe for tier times
Additional Filters? (optional) - yes/no
Filter by Agent Group / Pattern (optional) - yes/no
Agent Filter Type (optional) - Filter by agent group or agent pattern
Agent Group Filter (optional) - Agent group name
Agent Pattern Match Type (optional) - agent pattern filter (starts, ends, or match)
Agent Pattern Filter (optional) - Pattern on which to filter the agents
Filter by Business Transaction (optional) - yes/no
Business Transaction Filter (optional) - Business Transaction name

Response Time
Execution Time
Execution CPU Time
Optional Measure Parameters:
Tier Filter (required) - Tier name (none = all tiers)


Feel free to contribute any changes on GitHub