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This plugin is obsolete as it only supports dynaTrace 2.5 and 2.6


Tivoli Alerting Plugin


The sample Tivoli Alerting Plugin enables the ability to push dynaTrace Incident Notifications into Tivoli.

Plugin Version


Compatible with

dynaTrace Diagnostics 2.5, 2.6

Tested with:

Tivoli endpoint version 41146


Dan Germain (dan.germain@dynatrace.com)


dynaTrace BSD


Not Supported


v1.0.1 dynaTrace_TivoliNotificationPlugin_v1.0.1.zip


Install Description

Tivoli Setup:
As a prerequisite the customer needs to install the Tivoli Endpoint on the dynaTrace Diagnostic Server since dynaTrace uses the command line interface wpostzmsg command. The wpostzmsg (endpoint version) is used to post an event to the event server using Tivoli endpoint communication to a Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC) gateway. The wpostzmsg command line requires the Tivoli environment be sourced using the lcf_env binary so make sure they are configured correctly. Both of these commands are called from the Tivoli Plugin.

In addition the customer will need add a new dynaTrace class definition to the baroc file. The dynaTrace class definition extends the standard Tivoli EVENT definition and is shown below:

dynaTrace Setup:
Once the Tivoli install is complete you will need to enable the dynaTrace Tivoli plugin and configure it using the property tag if you do not install Tivoli in default directory of C:\Tivoli. To enable the dynaTrace Tivoli plugin which is disabled by default you will need to go to Diagnostic Server Preferences and select Plugins. To get to the Diagnostic Server Preferences highlight the Live session and right mouse then choose Preferences from menu.

To install the v1.0.1 Plugin you need to replace the existing TivoliNotificationPlugin10.jar file in the C:\Program Files\dynaTrace Diagnostics 2.5\conf\plugins\TivoliNotificationPlugin10 directory with the new TivoliNotificationPlugin101.jar. If you want to make a backup of the original you should copy it to another directory since dynaTrace will try to load any jar file in the plugin directory.

Note that the plugin will write error and informational message to the dynaTrace Diagnostic Server log. If you want to see what the exact message being generated you can turn on FINE logging level and it will write the command string to the log labelled as "Plug-In Calls:".

The message field is generated by concatenated the following field:
Type = API Breakdown (truncate if total length will be > 70 bytes max we have for message field)
Name = Execution CPU Time (truncate if total length will be > 70 bytes max we have for message field)
PT = Purepath Tag or if there is no Purepath it will default to "-". This is never truncated.
Starttime = Start date and time in the format "Month dd hh:mm:ss timezone year". This is never truncated.


-m "\"Java Virtual Machine - Used Memory ... PT=-; Apr 17 10:27:38 EDT 2008\""

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Known Problems


  File Modified
ZIP Archive dynaTrace_TivoliNotificationPlugin_v1.0.1.zip Tivoli Notification Plugin v 1.0.1 Sep 23, 2008 by Dan Germain