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JavaScript Browser Extension to visualize UEM User Action Clicks as a Heatmap. To be used with Browser Extensions such as Greasemonkey

Name and Version

UEM PureLytics Heatmap

Compatible with

Dynatrace 6.3.0+


Dominik Punz


Dynatrace BSD

Support Level

Not Supported


Latest version from GitHub

Installation & Usage

Follow the instructions and learn more about this plugin by checking out the UEM PureLytics Heatmap page on GitHub. or read our blog on Analyzing User Behavior using UEM PureLytics data.



Feel free to contribute changes or report issues on the GitHub repository

  1. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Hi, I wanted to try creating a heat map for easyTravel.
    I have followed all the instructions from the GitHub page, and to confirm, the only changes I had to make were:

    1- add "http.cors.enabled:true" to my elasticsearch.yml file

    2- set the default username and password in the user script to match the ones for my elastic search 

    However, when I select "Generate HeatMap", it showsa box with the following:

    Am I missing anything or did I do something wrong?

    When I look through the JSON, I'm not seeing any useractions nor the url. I have a feeling I'm missing UEM data but I can't figure out why