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dynaTrace provides plugins for Visual Studio 2005/2008 to enable Automatic Code Lookups from the dynaTrace Client, Automatic Agent injection when launching an application from the IDE

Plugin Details

Visual Studio 2005/2008 Plugin


The dynaTrace Visual Studio 2005/2008 Plugin can be enabled through Tools->Add-In Manager in Visual Studio. Once the Add-In is loaded you will see two new menu entries in the Tools menu. One is to configure the dynaTrace Plugin, the other one is to Launch the currently opened project by automatically injecting the dynaTrace .NET Agent into the launched application.

What the plugin provides

This plugin allows you to Lookup Source Code for a method traced by dynaTrace. From the dynaTrace Client you can select a method in the Methods or PurePath Dashlet and Lookup the method in Visual Studio.

The plugin also allows you to launch an application from the IDE and automatically inject the dynaTrace Agent to trace the launched application.

Additional Online Documentation: CodeLink AddIn for Visual Studio