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These Dashboards are included in the product in version 3.5 and higher, there is no need to download them from here any more in these versions.

Name and Version

Deployment Dashboards for dynaTrace 3.1.1/3.2.x


These dashboards monitor the health and performance of the dynaTrace deployment itself in contrast to the application that dynaTrace monitors. They give specific hints at problems and how to solve them.
Please read Deployment Dashboards

The dashboards are optimized for a 19" monitor, bigger is better though.

Dashboard Version


Compatible with

dynaTrace Diagnostics 3.1.1, 3.2, included in dynaTrace 3.5 and higher


dynaTrace Software GMBH



Support Level



dynaTrace Server Health - 3.2.dashboard.xml
dynaTrace Collector Sizing - 3.2.dashboard.xml
dynaTrace Server Health - 3.1.1.dashboard.xml
dynaTrace Collector Sizing - 3.1.1.dashboard.xml


Server Health Overview, everything being mostly normal

Server Health Overview with a major GC

Collector Sizing Dashboard with a smooth running system

Collector Sizing Dashboard showing memory problems on the collectors




In 3.2 and beyond these dashboards are in the product out of the box, you do not need to download them

Download the current dashboard for your version from the community downloads.

  1. Go to File->Open Dashboard and open the downloaded file.
    It will inform you that the dashboard source is not set properly and you should set it.
    Say no; instead of changing the source it is better to use save the dashboard on your server.
  2. Go To File->Save Dashboard as and select your server.
    The dashboard will now start loading data.
  3. Now set the timeframe that you are interested via the Dashboard Properties (in the File menu).
  4. As a last step set the thresholds for all traffic lights you see. The threshold depends on your setup, please read the documentation for more information.

    Do this for both dashboards.

    The Collector Sizing Dashboard needs some additional setup steps
    The charts on the Dynatrace Collector Sizing Dashboard are based on dynamic measures of the Dynatrace Self-Monitoring profile for the collector. Some of these measures collect data very granular on an agent level. For the purpose of this dashboard we want to show the data aggregated on a collector level.
    As the environments that the dashboards will be installed into will always look different (in terms of collectors and agents) it needs to be adjusted.
    For the MPS Chart, the left and right pie chart and Skipped Eventscharts do the following
  • Click anywhere into the chart
  • Enable the header (ctrl-H)
  • Maximize the dashlet and display the table (double click on header, click on table toggle on right side of the header)
  • make sure that the dynamic all-agents measures are enabled while all others are disabled
    The non all-agents are the agents itself, and the root node is the overall measure. We want to display the measures per collector. Also remove collector's that are not running anymore.
  • For all the pie charts and the MPS chart, select all measures and click random Color in the context menu.
  • The two right pie charts must be on last 10 second timeframe.
  • remove the table, restore it to its original size and toggle the header
    For the others just make sure that you have one graph per collector. Should this not be the case, open the table and enable the missing measures.
    What you should see is something like

    All the collector charts should align properly to make it easy to read.
  1. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Great looking dashboards!

    I hope we soon can use the 3.2 version you posted (smile)

  2. Anonymous (login to see details)

    The dashboards look great in night mode. But for customers who don't use (or like) night mode, we might want to consider releasing a version of these that is optimized for 'day mode'. In general, it would be ideal for the customer to not have to modify these dashboards to get them to work.

    Nice job. We've needed these for a long time.

    1. Anonymous (login to see details)

      3.5 versions ?

      1. Anonymous (login to see details)

        Hi Keith
        3.5 has built-in dashboards for that. You can access them through the Start Center