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What is dynaTrace Labs?

dynaTrace Labs is the place where Dynatrace publishes features in experimental mode or for Early Access purposes. Feel free to download any feature, test it and provide feedback on the community portal pages by leaving a comment.

Available Experimental Features

Legacy (outdated) Experimental Features

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    CICS ADK — The goal of the CICS Agent Development Kit (CICS ADK) is to provide the same functionality for CICS Programs (usually developed in COBOL or PL/I) as dynaTrace provides by the native ADK for C/C++ applications.
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    dynaTrace Agent SDK — The dynaTrace Agent SDK enables tracing across threads and processes in Java and .Net applications.
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    dynaTrace Automatic Session Analysis — Analyzing dynaTrace Sessions usually follows a best practice process, e.g.: analyze slowest web requests and drill down into the root cause or analyze thrown exceptions and identify which transactions where impacted by those exceptions.
    This manually process can partially be automated by providing specific analysis dashboards that analyze a dynaTrace session for different hotspots, e.g.: web requests, database statements, exceptions, log entries
    dynaTrace Automatic Session Analysis offers this new capability by dynamically generating dashboards depending on the hotspot that should be analyzed.
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    Portlet Sample Implementation for dynaTrace 3.5 — This is a sample implementation on how to integrate dynaTrace in a JSR-168 compliant portlet container

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