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This feature is new in DNA 12.5.

Use the Agent Commander portable version to capture DNA traces anywhere you go with no license or installation required. (You still need a licensed installation of the DNA console to analyze your captures.)

  1. Get the latest Agent Commander Portable (with Pathfinder) self-extracting executable from the Downloads for Dynatrace Network Analyzer page.
    File name: AgentCommanderPortable.exe
  2. Run that executable to extract the application into a temporary directory and automatically start up.
    • The first time you run it, it extracts to TEMP (if workspace_dir is not defined).
    • To override the default behavior, you can put a config file (named AgentCommanderPortable.config.txt) in the same place as the executable (AgentCommanderPortable.exe). You can manage the default extraction directory (workspace_dir) and the webserver port number (listening_ports).
      Example AgentCommanderPortable.config.txt contents:

    • Any agents added in the Portable version are added to a local file database (by default %TEMP%\AgtCmdrPortable--\Config\AgentCommander.sqlite3.db). They are cleared when TEMP files are cleared, but they stay in the local machine's TEMP folder unless the DB file is deleted or agents removed from the UI.
  3. Now you are ready to manage agents, captures, and remote users.


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